Miyerkules, Hunyo 1, 2011

Ten ways to save battery life of your android.

This is the 4th edition of Galaxy Ace Review. And I will be talking how to make the life of your battery longer. The average life of my battery is about 24 hours. Two hours of internet, three hours of games, three hours of music and the rest is for texting or sometimes calling a relative. The average charging time is three hours.

We know for a fact that Ace battery capacity is 1350mAH, that was huge if your device is not an android phone. But android phones are battery eater or battery monster. If you keep your phone idle, I bet it won’t last 3 to 4 days depending on its settings.

So how can we make the life of your battery longer? Just follow these few simple steps.

·         Adjust the brightness of your phone- If you are boasting your phone to your friends I bet the brightness of your phone is off the chart. But if you’re alone in your house you can adjust it to about 15 to 20% of its brightness. Just click Settings > Display > Brightness > and simply adjust it to 15%.

·         Minimize using Live Wallpapers- Again, if the purpose of your live wallpaper is for boasting, try to change it when you’re alone. As much as possible, use some dark colors coz it won’t consume much battery. Just click your home screen longer, a menu will appear. Select Wallpapers > Wallpaper gallery > The black one > Set wallpaper.

·         Adjust the volume of your phone- Adjusting the volume of your phone will surely save more batteries and will make other people happy. Just click settings > Sound > and uncheck all fields or minimize it. You can also turn off the vibrate mode and other inapplicable settings. Or you can simply turn your phone into silent mode by just dragging the notification bar. You can also download Semisilent coz it allows you to select particular contacts that can access you when your phone is on silent mode. So never fear on not receiving important phone calls from important people.

·         Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-fi when not in use- Why run B/T or Wi-Fi when you are not using them? Turn this off by dragging the notification bar.

·         Turn off Mobile Network Settings- If this is active, it will cost you money and battery. So turn it off. Just click Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks and uncheck it.

·         Set screen timeout to 15 seconds- Why allow your phone active for a longer time if you can automatically deactivate the screen after 15 seconds? Just click Settings > Display > Screen time-out > 15 seconds.

·         Activate flight mode if applicable- When you are travelling you can activate this. Flight mode is a mode when your phone is stagnant. During flight mode you won’t receive any calls or text messages. This can really save you battery. To activate this, simply hold power button and activate flight mode.

·         Turn off auto-sync- Why automatically turn on your accounts if you can do it manually? Select Settings > Accounts and Sync > and disable it.

·         Download Power Schedule- This application allow you to schedule when to turn off B/T, Wi-fi, Phone and other connections. Cool?

·         Download Superbox- Superbox settings is a portal in which you can easily manage different connections and settings. No need to go to different portals just to turn off or customize every mode/settings.

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