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Top Free Offline Games.

This is the 3rd edition of Galaxy Ace Review. And I will be talking about games, specifically TOP FREE OFFLINE GAMES ONLY. Why Offline? Coz you can still play it even without your internet. These games will surely make your galaxy phone a very good gaming companion. So I bet you know what I am doing here, talking straight. Let’s start.

·         PARADISE ISLAND- This game is one of my favorite. The objective is to make a very attractive island. You must build hotels, roads, power plants, trees and other facilities to make the island better. You must collect experience points to advance to the next level. You will unlock special facilities as you advanced to the next level. And collect major awards to received cash and other special items.

·         ANGRY BIRDS RIO- I know every android phone has it. There are currently three versions of angry birds in the market. The classic Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio. My favorite is Angry Birds Rio for one reason only, I really hate those monkeys. Ughhhhhhh. Good luck buddy.

·         ANT SMASHER- I’m just thrilled that someone came up to this kind of game. It is just amazingly crazy. Smashing ants and insects is just a thrilling activity.

·         GLOW HOCKEY- The game that you can find only on amusements or arcade on your neighborhood can now be downloaded on your android phone. No tokens needed, just an effort to click the download button.

·         FRUIT SLICE- Feeling Ninja? Play this game and you will experience a different kind of thrill. Playing this game on your very responsive screen of galaxy ace is just awesomely fun.

·         JEWELS- Classic Game. There are a lot of Jewels games in the market but I prefer the classic than the deluxe version. Other phones use keypads for it. Computers use mouse for it. But using your galaxy ace for it is just, uughhh I’m speechless.

·         NINJA RUSH- A fast-paced game designed for a different kind of thrill. Get ready for a high-flying action pack adventure. With its very good graphics and sound effects. Just can’t believe it free..!

·         PUMPKINS VS MONSTERS- A copy of PLANTS VS ZOMBIES, but I guess for me this is better. The graphics is superb, the story line is good and the overall appeal is very good. Download this buddy.

·         TALKING TOM- Some will argue that this application is not a game. Yes it may not be a game but this is a very good application. This will surely give you a smile. Mark my word.

·         DRAG TOILET PAPER- Feeling sleepy? Or bored. Try this game and it will surely keep you awake. By the way this game may frustrate you and ugghhhh burn your finger. LOL.

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