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Droid-Apps that can make your Android phone better

This will be my second post, and will be talking about droid-apps, Apps that will make your Ace or any other android phones better.
So do you remember this formula?

Good Phone = Powerful android = Good applications
Good Applications = Great LCD display + Froyo + Huge internal memory

Yeah, good Apps baby.

My goal is to give you applications that I have already downloaded and tried and found very useful. I won’t include top games here, it will be featured on a separate article. By the way, I will be talking about FREE APPLICATIONS ONLY, yes FREE ONLY.

·         CAMERA MAGIC-Are you having a difficulty in finding the zoom button? Or a moment in your life than you need to take a picture but it’s quite far? And you just can’t figure out where is that damn zoom button? And after three years of searching, you realized that the button is on the left side of your phone and you have to configure the settings to use it. Worry no more. This application will surely help you to solve it.

·         FAKE-CALL ME-You are trap in a very boring conversation. The good heart in you just can’t directly dismiss it. Need help? Try this application. This will save your precious time by making fake calls so that you can easily excuse yourself. Cool?

·         MOBO PLAYER-Tired of formatting video clips? Saving a file to this then that? This player can simply play majority video formats.

·         HOW TO TIE A TIE-We know there are different ways how to tie your tie. This application can be a life saver. You never know, but surely you will be needing this one.

·         KNOTSGUIDE-How to tie a knot? Just download this.

·         SUPER BOX 10-Ten really good apps in one. A installer, uninstaller, APP2SD, Cache, Task killer, Settings, File manager, safeguard, CPU and battery status in One. Very Efficient. Memory Saver.

·         FIRST AID-A must have on your phone. You never know what will happen. This can save lives.

·         DRINKING WATER-A simple application that will remind you to drink water. Just select the number of cups you wanted to drink, then configure start and end time. And that’s it. Welcome to a healthy life buddy.

·         EXPENSE MANAGER-Wondering what expense is eating your money? Or need help in budgeting it? Try this application. This will monitor your cash flow.

·         MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD-A really good music downloader.

·         SEMISILENT -allows you to select particular contacts that can access you when your phone is on silent mode. So never fear on not receiving important phone calls from important people.

·         TUBEMATE-Downloading Youtube videos have never been this easy.

·         FILE LOCKER-You can locked particular file and restrict others to view some very confidential files.

·         MESSAGE DELAYER-You must greet your girlfriend on your monthsary/anniversary. Why greet him at 9am,? when you can greet him at 1am? She will think you are really a very good boyfriend coz you are texting her every special occasions early in the morning. Your kinda cheating here but will you tell her? This is actually one of my favorite application.

You can follow me on twitter. naitsirhc_33 or sports_dude33. You can also catch me on Yahoo, SBNation blog, Phoenix Suns blog for some juicy Phoenix Suns and other NBA news. My next article will feature some top free games that will make your android phone a good gaming companion. So keep reading, and never stop updating. You can’t learn everything but you can find ways how to make everything a learning.

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