Lunes, Mayo 30, 2011

Top Free Offline Games.

This is the 3rd edition of Galaxy Ace Review. And I will be talking about games, specifically TOP FREE OFFLINE GAMES ONLY. Why Offline? Coz you can still play it even without your internet. These games will surely make your galaxy phone a very good gaming companion. So I bet you know what I am doing here, talking straight. Let’s start.

·         PARADISE ISLAND- This game is one of my favorite. The objective is to make a very attractive island. You must build hotels, roads, power plants, trees and other facilities to make the island better. You must collect experience points to advance to the next level. You will unlock special facilities as you advanced to the next level. And collect major awards to received cash and other special items.

·         ANGRY BIRDS RIO- I know every android phone has it. There are currently three versions of angry birds in the market. The classic Angry Birds, Angry Birds Season and Angry Birds Rio. My favorite is Angry Birds Rio for one reason only, I really hate those monkeys. Ughhhhhhh. Good luck buddy.

·         ANT SMASHER- I’m just thrilled that someone came up to this kind of game. It is just amazingly crazy. Smashing ants and insects is just a thrilling activity.

·         GLOW HOCKEY- The game that you can find only on amusements or arcade on your neighborhood can now be downloaded on your android phone. No tokens needed, just an effort to click the download button.

·         FRUIT SLICE- Feeling Ninja? Play this game and you will experience a different kind of thrill. Playing this game on your very responsive screen of galaxy ace is just awesomely fun.

·         JEWELS- Classic Game. There are a lot of Jewels games in the market but I prefer the classic than the deluxe version. Other phones use keypads for it. Computers use mouse for it. But using your galaxy ace for it is just, uughhh I’m speechless.

·         NINJA RUSH- A fast-paced game designed for a different kind of thrill. Get ready for a high-flying action pack adventure. With its very good graphics and sound effects. Just can’t believe it free..!

·         PUMPKINS VS MONSTERS- A copy of PLANTS VS ZOMBIES, but I guess for me this is better. The graphics is superb, the story line is good and the overall appeal is very good. Download this buddy.

·         TALKING TOM- Some will argue that this application is not a game. Yes it may not be a game but this is a very good application. This will surely give you a smile. Mark my word.

·         DRAG TOILET PAPER- Feeling sleepy? Or bored. Try this game and it will surely keep you awake. By the way this game may frustrate you and ugghhhh burn your finger. LOL.

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You can’t learn everything, but you can find ways on how to make everything’ a learning.

Linggo, Mayo 29, 2011

Droid-Apps that can make your Android phone better

This will be my second post, and will be talking about droid-apps, Apps that will make your Ace or any other android phones better.
So do you remember this formula?

Good Phone = Powerful android = Good applications
Good Applications = Great LCD display + Froyo + Huge internal memory

Yeah, good Apps baby.

My goal is to give you applications that I have already downloaded and tried and found very useful. I won’t include top games here, it will be featured on a separate article. By the way, I will be talking about FREE APPLICATIONS ONLY, yes FREE ONLY.

·         CAMERA MAGIC-Are you having a difficulty in finding the zoom button? Or a moment in your life than you need to take a picture but it’s quite far? And you just can’t figure out where is that damn zoom button? And after three years of searching, you realized that the button is on the left side of your phone and you have to configure the settings to use it. Worry no more. This application will surely help you to solve it.

·         FAKE-CALL ME-You are trap in a very boring conversation. The good heart in you just can’t directly dismiss it. Need help? Try this application. This will save your precious time by making fake calls so that you can easily excuse yourself. Cool?

·         MOBO PLAYER-Tired of formatting video clips? Saving a file to this then that? This player can simply play majority video formats.

·         HOW TO TIE A TIE-We know there are different ways how to tie your tie. This application can be a life saver. You never know, but surely you will be needing this one.

·         KNOTSGUIDE-How to tie a knot? Just download this.

·         SUPER BOX 10-Ten really good apps in one. A installer, uninstaller, APP2SD, Cache, Task killer, Settings, File manager, safeguard, CPU and battery status in One. Very Efficient. Memory Saver.

·         FIRST AID-A must have on your phone. You never know what will happen. This can save lives.

·         DRINKING WATER-A simple application that will remind you to drink water. Just select the number of cups you wanted to drink, then configure start and end time. And that’s it. Welcome to a healthy life buddy.

·         EXPENSE MANAGER-Wondering what expense is eating your money? Or need help in budgeting it? Try this application. This will monitor your cash flow.

·         MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD-A really good music downloader.

·         SEMISILENT -allows you to select particular contacts that can access you when your phone is on silent mode. So never fear on not receiving important phone calls from important people.

·         TUBEMATE-Downloading Youtube videos have never been this easy.

·         FILE LOCKER-You can locked particular file and restrict others to view some very confidential files.

·         MESSAGE DELAYER-You must greet your girlfriend on your monthsary/anniversary. Why greet him at 9am,? when you can greet him at 1am? She will think you are really a very good boyfriend coz you are texting her every special occasions early in the morning. Your kinda cheating here but will you tell her? This is actually one of my favorite application.

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Biyernes, Mayo 27, 2011

Galaxy Ace. Behind the box.

This writing is merely a review on my phone. The objective is to help Filipinos decide whether to buy an Ace or any Galaxy phone from Samsung. Samsung didn’t pay me to write this review neither Nokia/Sony asked me to criticized my Ace. My objective is to limit the use of technical words so that ordinary people can understand it in simple language.

I’ve been using Ace for 2 months now. And I made some physical improvements on it. I bought a screen protector and a silicon case to make my ace so called “protected”. I bought it for 15,000php on credit. My original plan is to purchase Galaxy Mini (during that time mini is 4,000php cheaper than ace) but unfortunately the phone is out of stock. My officemate says it was a strategy of retailers to make cheaper phone “out of stock” so that consumers will purchase unit with the higher price. Well, everybody is entitled to their opinion. For complete specs and comparison, you can visit . I will not lay here the specs of Ace, I’ll just enumerate some key features of it.

Well, we know Galaxy Ace is an android phone. It’s OS is developed by Google. Simply, an android phone can run multiple applications,  you can create text messages while a song is playing on the background and while your twitter account is being updated.

Let’s make this review straight. So what are the key features of Ace?
  • ·         Thread messages.
  • ·         You can view office documents such as Word, Excel and PDF files.
  • ·         You can download thousands of apps on android market for free.
  • ·         5 megapixel camera with flash.
  • ·         You can sync multiple accounts.
  • ·         You can view particular updates, messages, tweets from your friends in just one site.
  • ·         You can create SMS by using “swype”
  • ·         Its screen, 16M colors. No additional explanation needed.
  • ·         Android Froyo.
  • ·         Wifi capability.
  • ·         800 MHz ARM 11 processor, So it is faster.
  • ·         Gorilla glass display

So what are the drawbacks?
  • ·         Battery
  • ·         Internal Memory of 158MB
  • ·         Battery
  • ·         Battery

For me, this is just some key advantages and drawbacks on my Galaxy Ace. Today you can purchase Galaxy Ace for just 13,000php. And If you will ask me whether it’s worth your money or not, Simply the answer is yes. With its 16 million colors, you can download some superb games and live wallpapers. It is run by Froyo, So what is Froyo? Froyo is the 4th version of android. Yes already four. But unfortunately, It is not the latest. The latest update for android is Gingerbread. But the good news is, Ace can be updated to Gingerbread, but hold on peeps, it may void your warranty, so wait until your warranty period is over before you upgrade it to Gingerbread.  Too much for that stuff.  In Froyo you can directly install applications to your memory card without needing to manually move it to SD card. The 3.5” LCD display is very responsive so you gotta enjoy the touch more. With regards to its battery, don’t be frustrated. All android phones are battery-eater, Battery monster in fact.  But you can find some extra ways to make the life of your battery longer. It will be featured on my next articles here.

Some last words, I want it to be clear. The moment you purchased your android, you will be shocked. It is just awesomely different on your old phones. You will be overwhelmed, your standard on mobile phones will be higher. And after few hours you will realized that your ace is useless, no games, no music. You will ask yourself. Is it worthy ? The answer is, go and create your Google account and start downloading games, applications and other widgets to personalized your phone and make it a very powerful tool. Good luck buddy.
Just remember this formula:

Good Phone = Powerful android = Good applications

Good Applications = Great LCD display + Froyo + Huge internal memory

Unfortunately Ace internal memory is limited to 158MB. The fact that not all applications can be installed to SD card, this will be a huge problem to users. But the good news is, a lot of applications that can be installed directly to phone can now be moved to SD card, just download their latest update. So No Problemo?

Thanks for reading my blog. This is my first time here. You can follow me on twitter. naitsirhc_33 or sports_dude33. You can catch me on Yahoo, SBNation blog, Phoenix Suns blog for some juicy Phoenix Suns and other NBA news. My next article will feature some applications that will make your android phone powerful and enjoyable. So keep reading, and hold your horses buddy.